Rick Willoughby is a professional Photographer & Designer no longer limited to the ground. In his work he uses a remote control helicopter to capture commercial Aerial Photography and Cinematic Quality Video footage for Television Productions, Commercials, Music Videos, and many various Promotional Content applications. He is a Licenced RPAS (Drone) Pilot through Transport Canada, with the Advanced Certification. Rick is an expert at analyzing the challenges and potential of each natural and urban environment, to safely capture the beauty, optimizing the visual impact and film objectives.

Also owner of MAKE A SCENE – Film Services, we tap into Rick’s 20 years of Art Direction Film experience to provide service of shooting Backdrops, Digital Stock Library, Rentals, and Location Prep Aerial Surveys. Please click on the MAKE A SCENE tab to learn more about our Film Services.
Airframe Productions / Make a Scene, is based in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and work Internationally.